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General questions about Capillus products.

Where do the rework caps come from?

At some point, these units have been returned to Curallux through our RMA process either by a verified reseller or end-customer, who may or may not have unboxed the unit. Regardless of the device's original sale and use history, these devices are re-

Is the Capillus cap sweat proof?

The Capillus cap will not be damaged by sweat if conducting light exercise while completing treatment. However, activities that might knock a hat off your head are likely to be too strenuous to do while wearing Capillus. For best results, we recommen

Capillus Limited Warranty

Please refer to limited warranty details below for your Capillus laser therapy cap model. Capillus warrants the device against defects in materials or workmanship for a period indicated above from the date of purchase from a Capillus authorized cente

How do you open the applicator cap and apply the Cap+ Activator solution?

Remove the outer plastic protective wrapping from the applicator bottle. Unscrew the white bottle cap by holding the base and twisting counter-clockwise. Remove the inner foil seal to open for first-time use. Replace the white cap and screw on tightl

What is the difference between FDA Approvals vs. Clearance?

Why do some medical devices & drugs have FDA approvals, whereas others only have FDA clearance? What is the difference?. The FDA only grants “Approvals” for drugs and medical devices that are either: 1) categorized as a Class III (which means they ar

Where to find the serial number on my Capillus laser cap for warranty activation?

The serial number of your Capillus laser therapy cap can be found on the back of the laser dome that is underneath of the Capillus fabric cap. Please refer to the image below.

At what wavelength do Capillus laser therapy caps operate?

Capillus laser therapy caps emit lasers in the wavelength of 650 nm, which is a visible red light band. A laser beam at 650 nm penetrates the hair follicle where it is necessary, unlike an LED diode which disperses and does not penetrate to the same

How do Capillus laser caps compare to other devices on the market?

At Capillus, we lead innovation with 6-minute treatments and flexible fitting comfort. We deliver on our promises and boast ISO13485-certified medical devices for ultimate traceability and quality. Our laser devices, ranging from 410 mW to 1560 mW, u

Can Capillus be used for blonde, gray, or light hair colors?

Current industry literature and studies suggest that low-level laser therapy is equally effective on all hair and skin colors. In clinical trials, our CapillusPro model demonstrated the ability to increase hair counts significantly among study partic

Do I need to cut my hair for the Capillus cap to be effective?

No. For most individuals, cutting or trimming hair is not necessary. Laser light typically shines through individual strands of hair to easily reach the scalp beneath. However, every patient represents a unique case. Consult your physician to better

Are there different sizes of the Capillus cap available?

For smaller hat sizes, as long as the cap is within 2 cm all around (3/4”), it is effective. Therefore, anyone with a head measuring 21” or larger will be fine with a standard Capillus cap.

Are Capillus lasers hot?

No. Capillus lasers are cool to the touch, meaning your LLLT treatment will be comfortable. In fact, LLLT (low-level laser therapy) is also known as cold laser therapy. Some users have reported a slight increase in temperature to the treatment area,

How do Capillus® caps compare to other physicians’ “dome” and laser comb products?

The main alternatives to Capillus laser caps are physician-administered low-level laser therapy (LLLT) "domes" and personal-use laser combs. While LLLT domes offer powerful treatment for hair loss, they require regular visits to the physician's offic