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Should your hair be washed or free of hairspray or other products while using the Capillus cap?

You may use your Capillus cap if you have used moderate amounts of hairspray on your hair. For best results, we recommend using the Capillus cap with clean and dry hair. Avoiding excessive styling products when using your cap will ensure the interior

If you stop using the Capillus cap after seeing results, will the new hair fall out?

Capillus laser therapy is intended to be used indefinitely unless otherwise prescribed by a physician. It is important to continue using your Capillus cap, even once you have reached desired hair growth, to assure you do not lose results and revert b

Do I need to use the Capillus cap at the same time every day, and if so, why?

No, Capillus does not need to be worn at the same time every day. However, using your Capillus consistently may lead to better results.

Is the protocol 6 minutes per day or 30 minutes every other day?

The treatment duration depends on your Capillus laser therapy cap model. Caps manufactured after September 2017 deliver continuous wave laser energy and are worn for 6 minutes daily. Older models, manufactured before September 2017, deliver pulsed wa

Can I swap out the hat for my Capillus device?

Yes, you can use the Capillus® device under any sports cap the same size as the cap provided. The hat should have an open back for the battery cord to pass through. If the hat or cap of your choice does not have an opening in the back, you can create

Can I use Capillus on my face?

Capillus does not recommend use of our hair regrowth cap on the face due to eye safety concerns. Laser light (even at low-level wavelengths) may pose a danger to the eyes. To control the risk of injury, various specifications define “classes” of lase

Is it normal for the battery to feel warm towards end of treatment?

Yes, it is normal; most devices emit heat from the battery when operating.  If it becomes too hot to touch, please call us at (888) 470-2710 for information on how to return your unit for evaluation.

Can the cap be used by myself and another family member?

Capillus laser devices are intended and warranted for individual use of 6-minute sessions once a day. If a device is used outside of warranty and your household uses the device for more than one 6-minute daily session, please allow for a 10-minute in

Is there a way to program the Capillus cap for sessions longer than 6 minutes?

No, all current Capillus photobiomodulating caps are pre-programmed for 6-minute treatment sessions, which have been clinically proven effective. Exceeding this time is not recommended, as it may diminish results. Older models required 30-minute sess

Can you use the laser cap with wet or damp hair?

We recommend using the Capillus Laser Cap with clean and dry hair for best results. Water is a light "bender" and "reflector"; the object of the treatment is to get the light directly to the scalp. While we are not aware of any literature regarding t

How tight or loose is the cap supposed to fit?

Ideally the lasers should be 2cm away from the scalp for optimal therapy. If the cap is resting loosely on your head that is perfectly okay.  The fit does not have to be tight but the closer the lasers are to your scalp, the better.  If there is a bi

Can I use the Capillus Laser Cap more than once a day?

Simply put, while you can use the Capillus laser therapy for longer durations, there's no evidence to support its efficacy beyond the recommended 6 minutes per day. Exceeding this time may yield diminishing returns or even adverse effects. Stick to t

Why can’t I use Capillus® for longer than 6 minutes per day?

Stick to the prescribed Capillus® treatment: 6 minutes daily. This protocol is backed by clinical trials, indicating its bio-stimulatory effect. Exceeding this may lead to diminishing returns or adverse effects, as per the Arndt-Schulz curve. Follow

Do I need to unplug the charging cable or can I leave it plugged in when I use the cap?

The Capillus laser device will not operate if the battery pack is connected to the AC adapter. Operating the cap from the wall outlet will damage your cap and this is not covered under warranty. Please refer to page 6 of your manual.

How do I know when to charge my laser cap device?

After the initial charge, please charge the Battery Pack only when final light is blinking. Please refer to page 6 of your manual.

Can I start using the cap immediately or do I need to charge it first?

Although the battery does have some charge initially, to optimize battery life and assure sufficient charge for use, we recommend charging the pack for a full 24 hours before first use. After the initial charge, please charge the battery pack only wh

Do I need to wear my Capillus laser cap in a hat?

All Capillus laser therapy caps include a stretch-fit sports cap with a slit for the power cable for optimal comfort during use. You can also wear Capillus beneath any standard-sized baseball cap, beanie, or any other well-fitting hat.

Is it safe to use Capillus after a hair transplant?

Capillus can be prescribed by a hair loss professional as either a stand-alone treatment or as a complement to other restoration procedures and medications. Every patient is a unique case. Please consult your physician regarding your use of Capillus