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Is Capillus Right for You?

Will the Capillus cap assist with hair thinning which is a result of stress?

Stress & Hair Loss. Is Stress the Cause of Your Hair Loss?. Normal Hair Loss vs. Stress-Induced Hair Loss: Know the Difference. 10 Common Hair Loss Myths Debunked.

Will Capillus work for hair loss from trichotillomania?

Capillus is FDA-cleared to treat androgenic alopecia, a genetic hair loss condition, also called pattern hair loss. It’s not cleared for other types of hair loss such as trichotillomania, particularly due to the underlying medical / psychological cau

Is Capillus good for use after hair transplant procedures?

Yes, Capillus uses safe, low-level lasers to stimulate, energize, and renew cells within the hair follicle for thicker, healthier hair. It also helps those who’ve undergone a hair transplant procedure to protect the new hair growth. Follow your trans

Can I use Capillus laser therapy if I have hair extensions or weaves?

Yes, you can use low-level laser therapy (LLLT) with hair extensions, but consider two key factors. The opacity of the attachment device may affect treatment effectiveness, with more opaque attachments potentially blocking laser light. Additionally,

Will Capillus work if your hair loss is due to medicines that you are no longer taking?

We recommend that you consult your physician about the particular prescription you were on and the prospects for your hair regrowth. In general, as long as there is some regrowth (vellus hair growth), low-level laser therapy may work for you. However

Are there any prescription meds that will make laser caps not work at regrowing my hair ?

Low Level Laser Therapy is not currently contraindicated with prescription medications. Some medications are known to be photosensitizing which can lead to issues when exposing oneself to sunlight which contains damaging UV rays. Always check with yo

Can I use the Capillus cap over metal implants?

Can I use the Capillus cap if I have scalp psoriasis? Could it even help?

Yes, you can. There are no contraindications against patients with psoriasis using Capillus laser therapy. In fact, there are favorable reports from some physicians in our network who have noticed improvement on cases of psoriasis on their patients'

How would Capillus work on someone going through chemotherapy?

The Capillus caps use Low-Level Laser Therapy technology (LLLT), a medical treatment for hair loss that is both minimally invasive and chemical-free.  LLLT treats a myriad of issues, including androgenetic alopecia—more commonly known as male or fema

Is low level laser therapy with Capillus effective on Afro hair?

To date, there have not been any studies to indicate that low-level laser therapy does not work on Afro hair. However, each patient is a unique case. Patients are advised to consult with a physician regarding use of Capillus on Afro hair.

Is Capillus safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Unlike some prescription medications for hair loss, Capillus low-level laser therapy (LLLT) products are safe for use by women; however, please consult your physician regarding suitability of low-level laser therapy with Capillus while pregnant or br

Are Capillus products safe for women?

Yes. Unlike some prescription medications for hair loss, Capillus low-level laser therapy (LLLT) products are safe for use by women. In fact, the convenience and effectiveness of personal LLLT products makes the Capillus products the first choice amo