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How Capillus Works

What can I expect in terms of shedding when I start using Capillus laser therapy?

It is typical to have some shedding when beginning treatment since hair in the shedding phase (or getting ready to go into shedding phase) will shed a little faster. It generally lasts 2-4 weeks before you begin to notice your hair feeling healthier.

How does the laser light go through hair?

Our laser light caps have a smooth silicone liner with a flexible fit that adapts comfortably to your scalp. There are no projecting bumps or comb-like teeth. Instead, low-level laser light shines through individual strands of hair to easily reach th

Cleaning your device

MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS. If it is necessary to clean the surfaces of your Capillus® laser therapy cap, please follow these instructions. Note: the Capillus® laser therapy cap has no parts that can be serviced by the user. If service is required, con

How do Capillus devices work?

As the foundation from which hair grows, a healthy hair follicle is vital to the long-term growth and health of the hair. Many hair loss conditions, like pattern baldness, are associated with degradation within the hair follicle (e.g., miniaturizatio