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Comparing Capillus to Other Laser Devices

Capillus sets the standard in home-use hair restoration technology, with quality, safety, and efficacy unmatched in the industry. Our devices feature medical-grade lasers, are clinically proven to regrow hair, and are recommended by renowned hair res

Are Cap+ Clinical Hair Therapy products tested on animals? Are ingredients vegan?

Cap+ Clinical Hair Care products are NOT tested on animals.   We are working on getting the official vegan certification from our raw material providers; however, at the current time they are not yet verified as vegan. Please note, for all our hair c

How "eco-friendly" is Capillus?

Capillus shares concerns about the environment. We strive to be as energy efficient as possible across our operations. We participate in recycling programs for printer cartridges and when possible, use biodegradable materials in packaging as well as

What are the hours of operation for Capillus Customer Service?

Our Customer Service Team can be reached at 1 (844) 280-4680, during the hours below:

Comparing the Different Capillus Laser Therapy Cap Models

Key Differences Between the Capillus Caps. While each of the Capillus caps has numerous similar features, the primary difference between them is a difference in scalp coverage, as well as total energy output. What does more lasers mean? Density of la

What is the difference between lasers and LEDs for hair regrowth? Why are lasers better?

Capillus laser therapy devices use only medical grade laser diodes as a light source. What does this mean? You get the right amount of light energy exactly where you need it. Capillus uses lasers because the output penetrates deeper, better and is cl

Who is Capillus?

Capillus® is the brand of industry-leading laser therapy devices manufactured by Curallux, LLC, a Miami-based medical device manufacturer and marketer of solutions for hair loss and other laser devices for health and wellness. Founded in 2012, the co